On a Personal Note – Before and After

To get everyone up to speed and avoid the embarrassing “OMG Look at you!” at the end of the year, here’s the before and after pics for my last few months.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, so let’s tear this bandaid off fast.  At the end of April 2016 I weighed 105kg.  Here’s what that looks like (And who the fuck let me appear on TV looking like this last year!?)…



Like always I don’t have any good before pics.  Anyway, long story short, this is me now…

Now 78kg.  27kg lost in 5 months.


I was told what I was doing was “unhealthy, too fast, you’re doing it wrong, you’ll just bounce back”, so many times that eventually I tuned it out.  This is the shorthand log I used to keep track of intake/expenditure of energy and nutrients to make sure I didn’t die…


Must have done something right because I’m still here and have no health problems.  How exactly?  I just made sure I spent more energy every day than I put in.  That meant hard work, 4 mile runs at 2am, no alcohol, none of the tasty foods or sugar etc. etc.  So no surprises there.

A lot of people asked me if I did it for a girl.

No, not for a girl but maybe because of a few.  One who reminded me that I still had something of value in me (and left a cute note for me the next morning), another who taught me not to forget the physical (even if it was by using me for that, but bailing at the thought of anything more), and one who inspired me to keep going after the first few kilos (rather than quit after just a small win).  I love them all for being who they are and the parts they played.

Enough of the touchy feely, I’m not quite done, but for now I’m going to get something to eat and a glass of wine.

cheeky midsection shot (view at your own risk 😛 )

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  1. I approve and appriciate the midsection fanservice 😉
    Always liked the look of you sir but especially easy on the eyes with this latest update.

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