Because this is a public page and I may be judged on the content within, let me give it to you short and sweet.

  • This site is usually updated after a glass of wine or more.  It didn’t start that way, but when I finally get a chance to wind down, I get to have a nice bottle of wine while I note down anything that entertained a thought experiment or 2 during the day.
  • I don’t edit anything here without exceptional reason (personal details/candid comments that may be misinterpreted.  If I typed it when I was drunk, in a hurry, excite, or upset, it stays.
  • I do my best to remove security sensitive information and not include details of anyone without their approval.
  • So far I’ve not done anything to promote this page or SEO ninja it as it’s more of a “Diary of Dr. Frankenstein” kind of deal
  • Everything I do exists in a sandbox of it’s own with design requirements I sometimes neglect to mention.  So some decisions may be weird.  But I’m look for “fit for my purpose” stuff.
  • Some ideas get lost in limbo.  My environment changed and I now longer see it as higher priority than anything else I’m doing.


If for any reason you don’t understand this disclaimer, then the new guy did it.  He’s always seemed shifty to me.  Stirs his coffee anti-clockwise.  Not normal.


Post Script Disclaimer:  This disclaimer was written after the merlot was empty.