Ticwatch Pro Stopped Charging? Easy fix.

First things first, if you’ve already cleaned the charging contacts and pins (they tend to get sticky and stuck down after a while) you can try giving it a whack. Not that it will fix anything, but I hit mine for a while just because it’s 2020 and it had to be someone’s fault.

After all that, you could check the charger by swapping it out for a known working one and see if that fixes it. If you’re lazy, had enough of ticwatches shit and are just gonna buy a different watch now this is broken… then why not crack open the charger base.

The standard charger wiring before modification

See that red wire in the image above? Grab that and solder it directly to the VSD pad. Apparently some sort of overcurrent protection keeps tripping out the charger. Dunno if this is actually safe for the watch, but who cares. I was gonna throw it out. So you should be left with something like what I did in the image below…

After my shitty soldering job

It’s ugly but it does the trick. You might have to super glue those magnets back in after you do this, but cradle your watch in the charger as you do this so the magnets orient their polarities correctly to hold the watch. Job done. $200 saved.

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  1. hello friend, sorry for my bad english, but I used a 5V2A charger in the charging dock of my ticwatch pro 1, and just lit a “lightning bolt” and it never worked again, will be doing this “magic trick” of your post will work again ?

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