Archer VR1600v – Getting root or super user credentials the easy way

If you’ve recently acquired NBN broadband in Australia you’ve probably been given an Archer VR1600v router to go with it.  A free router is great and all but sometimes you feel the need to fix what aint broke and voiding the warranty is the only way to scratch that itch.  Fortunately, root (or more precisely super user) credentials are real easy to find out in this case so read on…


  1. First things first, open up chrome and login to the router.
  2. Navigate to the Advanced tab and then the USB Sharing menu.
  3. Open chromes page inspector tool by right clicking somewhere on the page and clicking “inspect”.
  4. Next click on the USB Storage Device menu item on the left there.
  5. In the Inspector Tool click on the Network tab across the top and you should see a list of pages and CGI items listed.
  6. See that one labeled CGI followed by a bunch of 5’s ?  Select that one and you should see the contents pop up in the right hand column.  Now scroll down and there it is.
  7. The SU (super user) username and right below it is the password.  See my example image below if you’re lost.

Now go break some stuff!

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