Beerbrass App for Android

Well you’ve seen the BeerBrass app in the Google Play Store by now.  I want to take a moment to mention that this was really only intended as a “Hello World” app that I threw together one night while waiting for someone.  It turned out somewhat useful and went through a few iterations of various flavours and almost became a real app for BearBrass.

BeerBrass Features

There’s still a chance it may become one, but I’m not going to dwell on the maybes and until that decision gets made and someone contacts me, I’m rolling ahead with things.  Version 2 is already underway and has an Android Wearable interface too! *hint hint*


Build previews


Any suggestions, bugs, or offers of interest are welcome.  Just drop me an email (you can find that in the Google Play Stores app description for the BeerBrass app).

Thanks to the staff at BearBrass for being such good sports while I messed with the build and generally being a great group of people.

BearBrass wearable maybe?


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