…But My Robot Says I’m Hot!

Check out the test footage from my FLiR.  That’s right, heat vision baby!!

It’s been a long time since my last post and a year since my 15 mins of fame, so I think it’s about time I do something mildly interesting.  The warm up to the idea, I’m going to start getting some projects wrapped up and uploaded.  Enough of that for now.

Back to regularly scheduled programming…

What you’re looking at up there is the video feed from a Lepton FLiR (Forward Looking Infra-Red).  In english that means, unlike normal night vision (which relies on having an infrared spotlight to reflect off an object), a FLiR can see the infrared radiation that accompanies heat.

Don’t ask me why I needed it as I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it yet.  Originally I was involved in a project to build fire spotting drones and this would have been handy for that, but powers that be reprioritised it.  So I’ll just build my own I guess.

What else has been happening

In an effort to declutter and help focus on 1 single project, I’m disposing of all my tech.

Farewell buddy. Off to your new owner.
Farewell buddy. Off to your new owner.

I’ve started bringing all my drones up to flight ready status.  I’ve already sold the one I built 10 years ago and the rest will be on the market very soon.

Other than that, the potato battery will be making an appearance, hacking competitions to compete in, and I’ve got some mischief planned as well as a jet engine if I can manage to survive the build.  Details soon.

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