Dear Diary….

So this alarming new trend has appeared at work.  By “alarming” and “new”, I mean that I’m finally sick of this shit and it’s been going on too long.

The number of times I’ve heard back from people or even worse, “Management” (my bosses boss) about something important, new, or relevant, only to hear my bloody strategy rehashed and repeated back to me is damn well offensive.

So, to combat this, if I come up with something while drunk, in the shower, on the phone, braiding my hair..I’m damn well posting it here from now on.  Even if it’s just a reference point.  I mean, most of the time it’s my idea but they’ve made changes that completely remove the “value add” from it.  Like they heard it, got all excited, said “we’re doing this, but I want to change something”, and in doing so removed the value from the idea.

Long story short, stop trying to be cool man.  Just ask.

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