Friday Funday (AKA Freecode Friday)

The short version:  Innovation happens when people ask “What if?” or “Wouldn’t if be cool if…” etc.

Put a bunch of dreamers in a room and give them license to build then stand back


Granted, my slow loris impression and fluffy onesey may be a bit liberal, but It really kicked off the fun

Base Support


Using the coil of my desk phone as a mobile phone stand I hooked my bluetooth keyboard and mouse up and was ready for a little work.  I was expecting a slimport cable so I could attach my hdmi monitor to my phone and really test if I could indeed perform my work in a bare minimum disaster recovery situation.  But that didn’t arrive.  So next Friday maybe?  I’ll run the whole day from my phone.

One last thing created/finished today, the 30 phone automatic call recording of VOIP agent calls for storage and review.  Skinned up from the ugly Oreka green, to the companies colors.  TADA!



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