Jet Engine Design Gets Dangerous

I’ve always wanted to say “I’m committing a war crime” and to some extent have this be true.  Obviously without actually hurting anyone.  So how close can I get?


Part of the jet engine design obviously involves some fuel, fire, that which I desire.  Ahem.  I mean pressure.  So instead of a standard fuel pump for the combustion chamber of the jet engine, I’ve decided to incorporate some gas pressure just so I can segway into the realm of flamethrowers.  A banned article according to the Geneva Convention.

Obviously, if all goes well, no one actually gets burnt.  But it’s still a bit of fun.  I’m aiming to fill one container with propellant for the jet and another with a compressed gas to deliver the pressure which a fuel pump would normally manage.  Somewhere along the way, I’ll have an injector and fuel pump assembly that mimics the good ol’ US issue flamethrower of WWII infamy.

to be continued…

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