Last Potato Reading I swear

Ok, so the last potato reading from yesterday looks like this…

Life Signs Peeling


With life signs that low, I think it’s fair to say that it’s time to pull the plug.  I’m also starting to wonder what it’s going to smell like with that open tomorrow.

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    1. Well it has to be the end of this specific version of the battery at least. With power levels that low, we’re not going to be powering any weapons of mash destruction. But if I can get some parts together, I should have 2 new different approaches to the whole thing by Fryday. I’m actually liking the idea of putting a butty load of copper and galvanised nails into each spud and wiring them up appropriately or using a potato mash and making a lasagne battery. Maybe potato rod batteries. Either way, this version is cooked.

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