No girls Allowed! (not really)

What do you do when you feel like you’re really special, you want other people to be special with, and you want to help each other do special things despite what the not so special people say?

Boys only tree house

Make a damn tree fort, start a club and hang a sign at the door!

I feel like I should definitively clarify that it’s a damn metaphor.  Girls are allowed and I’m not that arrogant.  What I really mean is that I’ve found myself being told by everyone around me that I should, “…be patient…”, “…these things take time…”, “…that’s how it is here…”, “…not everyone can work as fast as you.”  Basically it’s me versus the status quo.

Not that it's comparable, but feels just as hopeless.
Not that it’s comparable, but feels just as hopeless.

I have to admit to suffering many depressing moments and feeling like I’ve wasted so much to be so useless.  It has been tempting to quit and many times I’ve packed up my personal things to make the moment easier when I resign and they walk me out.  One of the benefits of having a CV as diverse as mine, with many large entities, is that I’ve seen how well and how fast the things I’m trying to do can be done.  So I know I’m not superhuman or demanding the impossible.  If the idea of having to fight for every little thing against an army of people so set in their ways is enough to make me doubt what I know, then it’s equally possible that an army of my own could turn it around.

time for backup

So here’s the plan.  We take the insurgent approach.  There ARE people around who feel just like I do and can do what I do if not more.  A few of them in key areas sympathetic to my cause can enable me to achieve what I need.  But it can’t be all for me.  If it was all for me, then I have to do all the work.  If I create a network of enablers who can support each other at the level I’m trying for, then it could also create splinters that go ahead and achieve their goals using the resources we’ve collected.  In doing this, they would basically advertise what’s possible and that so much more is actually achievable.  I know it’s a little culty, but call it a social experiment or whatever makes you happy.

I have the conch dammit!
I have the conch dammit!


With all that in mind I have created something I’m currently calling “The Black Lab”.   What activities actually go on, I’ll keep quiet because the functioning of it makes it necessary.  What I will say is that anyone, who has earned themselves a spot, has proven that they have the drive, team spirit, and will to help others succeed.  Because of this, the rest of the Black Lab will do the same for them.  Go beyond what others would and deliver more than anyone else would for their team.  An important part to remember is that whatever they need, we don’t hold it back from them and demand to know what they’re doing.  Advice is fine, but give them the freedom to try what they want.

Sir’s Project Component is Served…


So far it appears to be going well.  We’ve had some super successes very quickly and the part I’m most excited about is that some of the team are delivering things better than my own.  I’m particularly jealous of one item that is soon to be delivered and it was really hard to let it go to someone else.

For anyone reading this far, I’d hope they don’t see this as manipulation but the start of a team.  Basically my commitment to help them achieve what they are aiming for and hopefully commitment of the whole team.


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