Potato Pi

While at a mates farewell drinks I was talking with a fellow tech, explaining the tiny little computer that is the Raspberry Pi.  Specifically I was talking about the small power consumption and it occurred to me that we could run this off practically any energy source.  It was at this point I remembered the Potato Powered Clock.


I’ve never build one of these myself, but a healthy dose of American TV and internet leads me to believe we can get energy from the humble spud and enough to power at least 1 simple device.  In theory if we got a few of them together in series and maybe with a few capacitors, transformers, and a regulator we could power a Pi!  The moment I said, “Potato Pi” I had sold myself on the idea.

How many potato batteries would I need to power this thing?  I figured that it runs off USB (so 5 volt), and I’ve seen it powered by a 1amp phone charger.  So 5 watts right?  How many watts does a good potato battery make?  0.80 by some counts.  Let the half-bakery of the Potato Pi begin!


I have ordered the Raspberry Pi 2 from Element 14 in Australia and it’s on its way.  I suppose I should start building the potato power grid.

to be continued….

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