Predator Roomba

So, while I’m waiting for some new controllers to come in before I can finish the write up on creating the Doomba, I’ve been thinking about using it as a security system of sorts.  I was trying to think of the most startling or alarming noise the Doomba could make when it detected an intruder.  I give you…the Predator Roomba!

The speaker is a little bulky, but I’ll be shrinking all this down once I have the final layouts and programming done.  I can tell you that it’s an unnerving noise to hear in the dark coming from a low tucked away corner.

The motion detection component is handled by a nice little application called Motion.  I’m not going to go into detail, but this site has a nice write up you can look over.

Once motion is detected, I’ve enabled the action on motion component to execute the following (via a script to allow for wait times between executions etc):

omxplayer predator.mp3

The following video demonstrates what the Predator Roomba is seeing when it detects motion.

The plan is to add FLiR to this in the coming weeks then downsize the electronics and continue building purely in software from that point on.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of the “From Roomba to Murderbot…” series soon.

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