Quick and dirty Bluetooth headphone conversion

I was wondering how easy it would be to convert a pair of cabled gamin headphones into a bluetooth set and figured I’d give it a shot.  Since I had a faulty bluetooth speaker that was sounding so tinny you’d think I’d already grafted a kazoo into it, I sacrificed it for the bluetooth and associated control boards.

Unfortunately, in disassembly it became apparent that, while the speaker touted itself as having a left and right channel, the darn thing was only single channel with 2 passive reflex cones on either side to give it the dual channel effect.

I’d already been given some headphones that were in need of conversion and that’s all I really needed for this experiment.

One of the worst soldering jobs I’ve ever done using left over solder from what must have been the roll of solder that Noah used to wire a stereo into the ark.  Basically just tying the speaker and mic wires from the headset to those on the bluetooth board.

Aaaaand because I’m super lazy today, some zip tying of cables and we’re done.  An ugly but working bluetooth conversion.  I salvaged the control panel from the original cube speaker as well as the charging and battery harness since they fit quite easily in the headband of the headphones.  Sounds brilliant now, although it is only really driving the little headphone speakers now.

Not much else to say really.  Probably could have made it prettier, but this was enough to satisfy my curiosity.

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