Somerton Man Mystery on TV Again

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s the wrong damn code! Stop trying to crack the code incorrectly traced in by some editor from the media!  Make sure you use a faithful source before you waste peoples time and terraflops on this thing.

The Commonly Accepted Code Picture
The Code from a letter to the CIB
Right next to where someone wrote OLA CODE The Description
The Code as Noted to the Senate


At least this time the story was focussing on the DNA side of things.  But it still showed the image of the wrong damn code.  The image we always see is a photo of the original code which when exposed to UV light was still too light in the photo to be used, so someone (we assume the editor) traced what they thought the code they could barely see had been.  Under analysis it is evident letters were missed and mis-traced as well as the overall shape of the code becoming rectangular rather the more regimented square as described by the investigator at the time.

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