Speeding Up the Ticwatch Pro 1 – more like Ticwatch Slow

So if you own a Ticwatch Pro, you’ve probably noticed that, while it has some awesome features, it’s slow as shit. Trying to navigate the menus feels like touchscreens did before the first iPhone release. Move your finger, then wait for the screen to catch up.

It turns out this is due to a serious lack of RAM that is so desperately needed and in the new Ticwatch Pro 2020 this has been upgraded from the puny 500mb of old to 1gb. In fact, that’s all that changed. So why not swap the old RAM chip out for a new one on my own Ticwatch Pro. Seems straight forward enough. There is a small problem however…

It seems the RAM chip in my watch (pictured above) is a combination 4gb Storage and 4gb RAM package. That’s more than expected. I thought maybe the RAM is shared across the OS and graphics processor but can’t see any evidence of that. If anyone can explain this one to me, that would be great.

So I won’t be messing with that until I work that out. So here’s the best way to speed up your Ticwatch Pro 1 and it works damn well.

  • Enable developer options and use them to change animations to .5
  • Turn off tilt to wake
  • Disable Ok Google detection
  • Close or disable any apps you don’t need (settings>app info>whatever app>disable

That’s it. You should be running lightning fast like new.

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