The 1st Day of Drunksmas!

It’s the 12 days of Christmas, drunk eBay style!

Drunksmas Tree
My Drunksmas Tree


It’s an odd thing to finally have clarity and focus for the 1st time in 10 years.  It means its time to stop wasting money and energy and work towards completing some goals.  So to celebrate that and the death of drunk eBay (due to drinking becoming less important and money/goals more so), I’m doing the 12 days of Drunksmas with the remaining Drunk eBay items.

Work Faster Chair


On the first day of Drunksmas, the old me gave to me… A work faster racing chair.

We all know red ones go faster.  This caused quite a stir in the office.  So much so that I heard about it from 3 different people while on leave.  Now I’ve spoken to the powers that be and they’re cool with it, but what I am concerned about is that such a negative and public scene was made that I heard about it while on leave.  This is the exact opposite of what a pleasant working environment is and adds to negativity and dissent in the workplace.

Everyone wants to work in a hip trendy office like they see when they look at Red Bull or Google, but it seems no one really understands what it takes to make your workplace into that.  Next time you’re thinking about crushing someone’s expression of fun and happiness, perhaps ask yourself if you’ve checked all your facts and if doing it is really helping to create a positive working environment.

All that aside, I love my new chair.  Only cost me $150 which included delivery.  YAAAY!

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