The year wrapped up

You know if you switch Christmas and New Years traditions, you’d be able to make a Christmas Resolution then get a New Years Present to assist with it. Yes I’m attempting to optimise holidays.

Edit: Not only that, but the presents would be cheaper and thus you could get that better model of whatever, or 2 of something.

Well here’s my year in summary…

Obvious bad start

My experiments in using my neck as a new braking method for motorcycles was a failure.  But it unexpectedly upgraded my voice at the cost of karaoke.  At least I sound less nasal and whiney now.  Will try different body parts next time.



I’m in a Movie and thus…IMDb!!



I was in a killer Australian horror movie as a main zombie.  So I’m on IMDb now!  Woohoo!  Didn’t even plan that.





Old News Corp

Left News corp! Albeit I had to work so hard to make that happen.  What a miserable place it was with those people.

Aerospace Engineering!

I’ve been working in aerospace engineering doing hush hush stuff.  That was super unexpected.

Automation but not Blackhat this time

Back doing automation but all white hat stuff this time.  Dodged a bullet leaving the old black hat stuff when I did according to the newspapers and some acquaintances who didn’t get out.

Chip still chippin’

Still got the chip but haven’t done much with it this year.  It got me a mention in Wikipedia though.  Maybe time for the new custom one I made?

Fatman again

Put on a bit of weight over Xmas bust still thinner than I was by a lot. Moving on… 😛


Won heaps of trivia nights at various places around Melbourne and earned my place as beer sculling competition champion back.  Although I don’t really drink anymore.

Someone to call the doctor and upload to YouTube when I make a mistake.

Oh…and most importantly…met Tara.  She’s doing a PhD and is a published author and lecturer.  Would love to explain in what but I never quite get it right when I try.  She’s the smart and pretty one.  I answer phones now.

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