This Trolley is in Danger!

It’s been sitting there for 3 days now.  You see that front wheel there?  The big chunky one.  That’s a locking wheel.

Basically the way it works is when you take the trolley outside the shopping center, you cross an antenna that’s usually embedded in the ground.  This little antenna uses a 5hz (maybe 5mhz) pulse that trips that little wheel cover to engage and cover the wheel, making it awkward as hell to use the trolley.  When the trolley company comes to pick it up, they hit it with a similar signal and the trolley unlocks.

So, I’ve had this idea for a while now.   What if I make a little antenna that generates the locking pulse and attach it to one of the trolleys.  Obviously I’d disengage the trolley lock on that particular trolley, but wherever that trolley goes now, it’ll lock up every trolley it passes!

Alternatively, if you have a lady friend with a large handbag, you could just put it in the bottom of her handbag and she’ll be scratching her head wondering how she is so cursed that every trolley she gets just locks up on her.  Too evil?

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