Time to Lay Down Some Robo-Ground Rules

We have our robotic combatants, we have our arena, we have our upgrades, but will Queensberry Rules cut it on this one?

Fisty Cuffs I Say!
Fisty Cuffs I Say!

With everything else covered (I think) I suppose we should discuss the rules of the upcoming combat.  To address this, I’ve basically tried to think of possible outcomes that would leave us in a “What now?” kind of position.  Without further ado…

Who wins:  The last Roomba with a balloon.

What if it’s a double KO:  Video referee will determine the winner.

What if all ability to attack is removed from both parties somehow:  Rematch!

What if they wander outside of the arena:  Both get put back in their corners and continue combat.

What if….: I’ll make it up as I go.  You want to make the rules?  You make a robot fighting league.

Alright let’s stop messing about with this, I want to do this before Christmas so I can quit my job already.  Next time I post about this should be the write up of how the competition went.



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