Unsafe Safes

A little Friday Fun from my past.  I had a healthy interest in security/intel a while back and, apart from lockpicking, safe opening was a fun hobby.  The following video is a demonstration of how quickly I can open your average home “safe”.

Yes, I know not all safes have this “spare key” feature.  The point is that there are A LOT of these safes out there.  The tubularlock pick I used was bought online for about $70 and came through Australian customs without a problem.  Even without this lock pick, a sharp blow to the top of the door while gently rotating the latch will do the trick too.  It basically bounces the locking solenoid enough to unlatch.  The biggest gaping hole you should be complaining about is the fact that it’s not ramset into the concrete.  There’s some super fun and weird ways to open the “real deal” safes (one involving just an electric sander), but that’s for another time.


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