Where it started

The first question asked about the microchip is why?

So let me cover how this started.  First, we all swipe our I’d passes on to open doors, use lifts, print etc.  So we all had one of these…

HID proxcard

So for the sake of simplicity we would slot this card in between your phone and phone case.  This was great until you wanted to use your nfc.  So I pulled the card apart…

HID Proximity card

Give it a gentle twist to make it a little smaller.  But this does make it harder to read…

Nfc antenna and chip.

Then stuff this into a watch…

Watch with nfc proxcard inserted.

This was all good and well, but we can get the same chip in basically any shape you want

Rfid tab

Problem is you have to carry it with you all the time.  So what now?  Well why not just attach it to me.  Done!

That’s how all this…

All the rfid

That’s how I ended up sticking a chip in my hand.  I’m fortunate enough to work for people who accept a little bit of madness and sometimes support it.

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