Yay! Another 15 Minutes of Fame

Quite chuffed that I’ve been featured on Hackaday.com again.  15 mins of fame.  At least that’s what my analytics is showing.  It may not seem like much, but when you live in a country that’s so shielded from the the rest of the world in this area, there’s not much opportunity for collaboration and Hackaday was THE place to be.

Hackaday has been online so long I can’t remember when I actually started visiting the site regularly but it has been a hub of unrestricted creation and variety of expertise for years.  A constant source of inspiration and mental exercise.

Thanks Hackaday.  You guys rock.




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  1. Oh, believe me, you will enjoy more than those 15 minutes of fame.
    Even after one year, one of my featured posts still brings people to my blog. (of course, they don’t stay, it’s plain nuts. XD )

    1. It’s been fun so far and I don’t imagine people in my field get too many creepy fans. They’ve all been quite pleasant so far and I wouldn’t mind if it lasted a little longer. Hopefully I can continue to post the things that interest me and they’ll overlap with some other people.

    2. I finally got to take a look at some of your doings.

      Fantastic work! The spine piece was very cool but looked like you paid for it in labour. Still, nudity involved, so that’s a perk.

      Glancing at my stats today, it appears my 15 mins of fame is spent. Onto the next silly thing!

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