Andventures in Hard Drive Recovery Part 2


If you remember my initial post on hard drive recovery, I had 2 drives to recover.  A burnt out PCB and another with crashed drive heads.


So the PCB replacement is done after much messing around.  The drive had no data on it, so this was the easy one.  A lot of my issues revolved around unmaintained tools in a state of disrepair or flat out missing. You really need to keep a kit together for these things.

Just remember folks, seagate S2000DL003 hdds like to talk at 38400 baud and are not fans of crappy Chinese USB hard drive caddies.  No need for 3.3v or 5v power line to talk to the serial interface over TTL.  It’s Powered by hate and the TX/RX pin.

If you can talk to the drive, but the N1 command or any command that accesses the drive heads freezes up, chances are your firmwares not a match and you’re gonna need to hard flash that to fix it up.

Round 2 is still to come and that drive I have to save the data, has 3 platters and 6 heads. Donor drives are up to $350 for this one, so don’t…fuck…it…up.

To be continued…

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