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Well, didn’t expect this to be the first category post, nor so soon after the inception of the category.

What I Bought

  • marcels-ideas-*******.com <–had to blank that out because it’s not really true.  I mean I bought the domain, but the message it sends is incorrect.  They’re rejected by some with less vision or what if 😛


$15 from Godaddy.


Well, the first one is because so many of my ideas are rejected by the regional technology managers underlings that I severely doubt any of them were ever brought to that guy.  On top of that, I doubt they’ve managed to understand the potential of most of them.  I hope to inspire a little ire from the name and perhaps bring to light the care that must be taken when delegating the rejection power.  Let’s not put ourselves behind an ignorance firewall is what I’m saying.

The second one is a little more fun.  My desk looks out of a window and onto the building next to me.  One day I realised I could see into the office of the guy on my level and he seemed a little distracted by it.  So I’m going to point a webcam at the building, close the blinds and plaster the web address on the window.  From our side, no one will know it’s there.  But from the outside they’ll see the address and go “What’s that?  Hmm let’s go to that site…what do you know!? that’s my office from over there!” and they’ll be greeted with a video stream of exactly that.

That last one, I’ll have to include a “please take that down” link.  But I thought it would be a giggle.

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