The Claw! – A Robot Hand



So I’ve built a 3d printer a while back, you know…back before you could get it on the front of a magazine to build in just 457 editions over the next 6 years for $5,000.  I built it the hard way dammit!  With no one to help me when I hit a wall and couldn’t work out why something didn’t work.

Anyway, jaded hipster stuff aside, one of the few tech nerds at work capable of the same was keen to build his own.  The problem is that he worked from home a lot.  So while he was printing his parts out for his own printer, he had to call me every now and then to go remove a part from the print bed so he could print the next one.

As we’re both suitably comfortable with building internet accessible robots, I’d decided to by a robot hand that he could use over the internet to clear the bed for him.  Unfortunately he finished his build before the parts arrived, but I built the thing anyway.



Well it isn’t the best.  It’s joints are very loose, and while it would have sufficed for the initial intent, I really want it to do much more now.  So I’m venturing forth to make it exceptionally accurate.  Details on that in a future post…


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