BeerBrass Beta Download Available

Read on to download the BeerBrass beta app.

Before I go further, let me clarify what this app is supposed to do.  It just displays your barcode number on you phone.  Some previews of my builds:

Build previews


Specifically I use it for my BearBrass card and in combination with Android Pay I can use my phone to both get my discounted drinks AND pay for them.  No getting my wallet out.

The only people that volunteered to beta test for me was Sammi (thanks heaps Sammi!) and my housemate.  So I’m uploading it here in case if anyone else asks about it later.  I can just link them to this.

Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD the installer.  <–Now closed.  Keep an eye on the Play store

Because you’re not downloading it from the Google Play Store yet, your phone will likely warn you about unknown sources etc.  It’s up to you if you trust me or not.  I am intending to upload it to the Play store next week, so I can’t be dodgy.

After install, enter your bar card number at the prompt and hit ok.

It’s only Beta, so if it doesn’t render correctly and looks weird on your phone, let me know.

Peace out!

Currently tested and working on:

  • Nexus 5
  • Nexus 6P
  • HTC 10
  • Moto g4 plus
  • HTC M9

Current fixes and suggestions:

  • White text on card input area should be black
  • Scrape website for special deals and display in app
  • Make for multiple venues and have it switch card according to GPS location.
  • Limit card number input to code_39 max

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