Branded App POC Complete, Now Go Sit in Beta

I finally got around to finishing the branded proof of concept app and, while there was some interest in it, it’s pretty much idling now.

POC Complete
POC Complete

This all started because I had some free time and thought “I should just make an app and get it on the Play Store for the sake of experience”.  It was convenient that the idea of backing up my BearBrass card by making an app was so obvious as more often than not you really can’t think of anything to build.  That original was pretty lame, but certainly served my purposes and I still use it.


A little good luck got it some attention and there was a little suggested interest from the venue.  I never really intended to sell an app (which is still the case), but I’ve made a proof of concept anyway.  It seemed like a good excuse to learn some basic animation and multithreading for the SDK.

Long story short, it’s time for me to move on from the app thing.  So I’m leaving the branded proof of concept in Open Beta, in case the powers that be decide to do anything with it, and I’m off to start a new project I’ve never tried before.

If anyone’s bothered to read this far, then you get a prize.

A link to install the Open Beta Test.

It doesn’t really show off all the features I’ve made, but that’s all I’m putting in the beta since I expect anyone interested in having me continue this will basically dictate a mass of changes they want and void all that effort.  Yup, they probably already have a company that makes apps for them.  Yup, they’re probably really great.  Yup, they cost a fucking fortune compared to the guy who’d give it away for the odd staff discount and has already got a finished model.

Oh look, a squirrel!!



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