COVID-19 Hue – The Morbid Status Updater

It’s tough to find anything useful to do with the multicolor functions of the Phillips Hue lighting devices. Unless you’re the sort that’s still living at home with your parents and thinks blacklight a and whatnot are cool, you’re basically never going to change it from the white or yellow of a normal setting.

The best idea I can come up with so far to make use of these overpriced Christmas lights is status reports. E.g. when my 3d Printer finishes a print successfully the house lights go green to let me know or red for an errored print.


At the moment the COVID-19 virus is sweeping the globe but here in the state of Victoria Australia, we’re doing well with no deaths reported as yet. But the irritation of not being able to buy toilet paper or pasta (thanks to the panic buying idiots around us) might have got to me a little and I’ve now rigged up a most morbid status report via a little python and the Hue API.

I truly hope we continue with no deaths here in Victoria, but if the worst should happen, the house lights will change to a full red to mark the occasion. If there’s no further deaths before the WHO update their statistics again, the lights return to normal thereby marking each time the death counter increases.

Hastily written Python 2.7 Code attached below then just Cronjob it to run at whatever refresh rate you’d like…

COVID-19 Hue

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