Getting Google Home Mini to Run My Home Automation

So I use various technologies to get my home automation running when either the product doesn’t have the automation option or it’s too expensive/restrictive for my liking. Usually they’re accessible through hashed web requests internally but that causes problems for Google Home as it uses external triggers for such things. Any requests you make, go out to the internet side of Google Home and are requested from the internet (usually by communicating with the service you’re trying to use, like a weather service etc.). What you’re essentially trying to do is use an interface with no keyboard, mouse or console to hack your way into your own network. So here’s how I’ve managed to get it working on my home network…

First up, you will be needed to sign up for IFTTT (If This Then That) but don’t worry, it’s really light weight. Like zero weight. You’ll also want a Dynamic DNS or similar set up on your home network and ports forwarded for a web request listener so you can find it on your home network from outside. You may find the following image to be an apt metaphor for my instructions so far but there are more than enough dynamic dns and port forwarding tutorials on the net without me adding to it.

Get the Dynamic DNS and port forwarding working so you can manually throw web requests at your automation from out on the internet. Once that’s working, you need to create an App in IFTTT. Don’t panic…it’s like 3 clicks. Not actual programming.

  1. Click “if” and then select “Google Assistant”.
  2. Add the command you want it to listen for and click done.
  3. Click “that” and select “Webhooks”.
  4. Add the URL to trigger your automation like you did manually earlier and click done.

And that’s it. It’s not super secure but the above will work and it’s up to you how you create secure commands and hashes to prevent unwanted hackery fuckery going on with your network etc.

At the moment I’m controlling the air conditioning and TV, but will be adding status monitoring and more as I go. Will keep you posted.

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