Making of the Nexus Dominus MV – The Last of the Nexus.

What kind of phone is yours? Oh cool. My phone? Oh…its mine. I made it. Its MY phone.

Everyones getting a new phone. Except me. I like my phone. It’s a Nexus 5. But lets give it some upgrades. With all these phones exploding on the market right now, its not like one more will hurt. So the Nexus 5…for me it’s the right size to hold with a quality screen and graphics support. So…lets use this chassis as a base. It’s fast enough. So I don’t need to worry about CPU or RAM just yet. I’ve built the phone around that chassis and included the stock features of a Nexus 5 with some changes.

Changes made

  • Battery Install. – 30% more life and some chassis space.
  • I’m not so happy about storage. – build details in a later post
  • I’m not so happy about its lack of IR blaster. – later post
  • I’m not so happy that it doesn’t do cool radio hacking like I want so integrate SDR. – build details in later post
  • I’m not so happy about the camera. – later post
  • Custom Android build to include my driver’s and software tweaks. – later post

More details soon to come. This post is mostly to keep the page alive a bit I guess. Any suggestions? Leave a comment.


So far I’ve managed to keep the whole thing within the bounds of Nethunter reasoning, so I can use their mods and addons without issue.

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