Spare Parts 3d Printer Avec Lazer

So,without getting into a “my spare parts pile is bigger than yours” competition, I’ve found a need to clear out my junk and build a 3d printer again.

This time, I’ve gone big with a half metre print bed. That’s 500mm X 500mm X 500mm. You know…in case I want to print something helmet sized…

Since that’s some serious space, I’ve tec screwed some castor wheels from an old air con to the bottom which made it exceptionally easy to build and gone for minimal controller size by using an old wireless kB and mouse.

I was junking an old LCD when I realise the internal panel size was a perfect fit, so that gets the tec screw treatment too.

Those missile switches control the lighting / laser cutter safety and, while it looks really junky and rough, it does the job of using a heap of my spare parts and harvested wiring while still looking a little ’80’s retro’.

During the build, I drew a little inspiration from one of my favourite movies and decided to brand it with the Weyland Yutani logo. There’s a lot to be done in the sense of neatening it up and decorating but I think it still looks funky as is.

Now, about that laser. You might remember my post on it from earlier. I figured a good spot to put it might be just glued to the side of the print carriage. So that’s exactly what I did. Araldited that sucker to the beast. Does the job I guess. That warning sign is more for me than anything else. When the printer is used for lasering, I just cover it over and with the laser platform and am reminded to use the dam goggles (as it appears I can be wilfully stupid).

To maintain as much functionality as possible, I’ve used a rescued Chromebox CN60 from Asus as the computer module but flashed it with windows 10. Since it’s now in a usable but ugly state I can print some cable chains and proper axis joints to hide my shame and sure up any wobbles. In the meantime I’ve reduced belt slack by using the spring from a clothes peg.

It ain’t pretty but it’ll do. Now go break some stuff.

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