Mnemonic Courier

If you picked it from the title, you’re already on the “no way” but hoping for a stop off in “holy shitville!”

johnny mnemonic

I have an idea.  Let’s make one.  Specifically, lets make me one.

You're doing what now!?
You’re doing what now!?


I’ll have to stop there on the details…. But I really want to tell you.  So bad.  I know I have a few acquaintences who read this madness, and I know one of them who would have picked the same problems I did.

  • How do you put information into a brain?
  • How do you retrieve it?  Is it NTFS, eXfat, fat32, Journaled, etc.?
  • Where’s my trepanning drill gone?  Honey!?  Did you put my trepanning drill in the attic again!?

Yes, this is another bodymod from the technomonk.  Sorry [CertainFlame], but I’m going to need your help on this one.  You can avoid the bio bits if you like, but I need hardware and software help.


to be continued….

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