Potato Pi Setback

Just a small update this time.

The Potato Pi has suffered a setback.  Results for voltage and current testing appear to have suggested that I need either 6,000 potatoes or 60,000 potatoes.  Can’t remember which.  Either way the wattage worked out to less than the Raspberry Pi 1 needed by a significant amount.


The current idea to deal with this is build a smart power circuit.  Put a bank of potatoes in series to increase voltage, then put each of those banks in parallel to up the current a little.  Hooked up to a beefy enough power supply to run a power control circuit.  Bare minimum let’ us charge the capacitor bank up overnight, then only use it during business hours.  More time to charge the capacitor bank and only use when necessary.  This basically means we can reduce the number of potatoes needed by at least 70%


to be continued…

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