The Ballad of Roomba, Part 1.

While the potato battery is prepped for it’s final stage, I thought I’d take a moment for something more fun.

Gather round children and I’ll tell you a tale.  The tale of a simpleton, lifted to such heights, though his stature was small.  A tale of conflict, triumph, and tragedy.

This is Roomba

This is, Roomba.  It’s not a very imaginative name, or even a unique one.  But it is his.


Roombas House

This is Roomba’s house.  While it looks like everyone else’s house on the block, which can sometimes be a pain, at the end of a hard day vacuuming it’s where Roomba likes to relax.

Roomba on charge

And so for a long time Roomba has lived his simple little life, on his simple little block, in his simple little house, and done his simple little job.  But there is a change on the wind and Roomba must be ready.

Open the roomba case

Roomba’s body is tough, like a good worker is, but he is only so smart.  If he is to survive, he must be more than Roomba.

He must open his mind, empty as it is.


He must be receptive to new ideas, stubborn as he is.

Interface Roomba Cable

He must learn to move in new ways.

Mind and Body Connected

His mind and body must become one.


He must connect with a higher consciousness.


Only then will he be ready.

ready for war.

Ready for the coming war…


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    1. Ha-ha, sorry to do it to you, but it was multipart or nothing. Potato powered Stellarator? Sure why not. Room temperature superconducting potatoes containing the plasma from a fusion reaction. What could possibly go wrong?

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