The Ballad of Roomba, Part2.

And so it came to pass.  Each day Roomba would train…

And while the other appliances looked down of him, very few of them fans, he continued to persevere.

Belittled by the other appliances

The seasons passed, people got old, fossil fuels and nuclear power gave way to the far superior and cleaner Potato Power.

Potato Revolution

In time rumour spread of a stranger in town, a little different looking and keeping to himself adding to the mystery of this new face.  It wasn’t long before Roomba got to see this mysterious stranger as by chance, he had moved into the house right next door.

2 Roombas Walk into a Bar

The stranger always seemed busy and when Roomba attempted to welcome him to the neighbourhood he ignored Roomba completely.  “Well this just isn’t on!  I won’t stand for this!”  Roomba shouted to himself.  “What could he possibly be working on that he’s too busy to say hi!?  I’ll go over there and give him a piece of my mind, and if it has to come to fisty cuffs, the by gosh I’ll make him regret the day he moved in!”

Charging Roomba 2

But when Roomba got there he tried to sneak a peak at what the stranger was up to.  But suddenly, Roomba was gripped with fear.  For what he had seen was the herald of what was to come.

Brain Change Roomba2

The stranger was in training!  Training hard.  And in that moment, Roomba knew the time had come.  Worst of all, when Roomba saw that stranger preparing (and when he saw what the stranger had brought with him) he knew…


…DRAMATIC PAUSE! Keep scrolling! 😀

He knew he was not ready.

Ready for War

…To be continued.

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  1. Oh! If you remove the like buttons, I am forced to comment on the post to say I liked it and want more. Is that your perverse plan? XD
    (Waiting for the third installment)

    1. Yeah we’ll go with that 😛 Actually it wasn’t quite working right and unfortunately if I had time to fix that, I have 20 other things that I should do first. Easier to disable if for now, then come back when it’s closer to the top of the priority list.


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