You Pass Butter

I found myself rebuilding The Claw, just to replace the helping hands I’d lost in moving to Melbourne, and it occurred to me I was literally doing this:

So obviously the next step is to make the claw talk.  But let’s give it a reason.  What if it asks “What is my purpose?” and I can use voice recognition to reply “you hold things” and it will go into holding mode, or perhaps “You dance” and it does a little wiggle etc.

To make this half-bakery work, I’d stick one of my Android NFC stickers onto it and use my Nexus 5 to scan the NFC sticker.  When it’s scanned, Tasker will run the sequence of the text to voice, then go listen for a response.  My response will then trigger the next custom command in Tasker.  So for “You hold things”, It should then connect to a control unit for The Claw and put it in that mode.

The control unit will likely be an Arduino or Raspberry Pi since it already has ethernet.

Not sure if I’m going to follow it up, but would be a giggle and handy.

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